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Cosmic Sex (2015) Bengali - 720p - HDRip - X264 - D3Si MaNiaCs Latest




The film had its World Premiere at the Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFFS) in November 2014. The film was shot in the Gorai and Ballygunge areas of Kolkata. A part of the film was shot in the Imperial Valley of Rajasthan, India. The locations in India were Gorai, Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, New Delhi and Pune. The film is set in Kolkata, India. The story is based on the dark side of a relationship and how far a girl will go to make a man fall for her. The film stars Saswata Chatterjee as Karan, Shreya Ghoshal as Anita, Rajat Kapoor as Shakti, Suchitra Krishnamoorthy as Vimla and Ashish Vidyarthi as Dev. Plot Karuna (Shreya Ghoshal) is a simple girl, but Karan (Saswata Chatterjee) sees in her a beautiful woman. They decide to form a relationship. Karan lives with his mother and brother. His mother is against the relationship and there is constant fighting between them. His father is out of town and has not been heard from for long. Karan has to finish his studies so as to support his family, but he is not able to take his mind off of Anita (Shreya Ghoshal). Things start getting worse when she reveals her dark past to Karan. She is an only child of a doctor and has always believed that he is her husband. She has never been with anyone. She is a sad and lonely person who longs to get out of her existance. When Karan's father returns and Anita tries to tell him that she is not his wife, Karan's mother beats her up. It is then that she realizes that she has been deceived by Karan's family and she decides to separate from Karan's family. She goes back to her parents and reveals the truth. Her parents are shocked and decide to leave her in a convent. They take her back only when she threatens to kill herself if they keep her there. Karan's parents are happy and proud. Karan, on the other hand, is devastated. He feels guilty that he has caused so much distress to his family. The story takes a dramatic turn. Karan's brother comes home and tells his father that he does not want to live with him any longer. His father




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Cosmic Sex (2015) Bengali - 720p - HDRip - X264 - D3Si MaNiaCs Latest

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